just something i'd like to share
this is not in pain or despair
I’m speaking for my behavior
don't ever feel guilty for my love failure...
cz you are not the reason i failed....
you are the reason i tried...
tried too hard, for too long,
that you've been etched so strong
my failure was my own doing....
my own selfishness and stupidity...
I never hold you to it...
You’re not to be blamed even a bit
I’ve realized how much hurt I’ve created
i know my apologies are worthless and belated
call me pathetic call me lame
these lines i write not to dishonor your name
nor is this an attempt to cry or call
to gain attention from a living soul
it’s just that writing words calms my mind
and helps me put  unpleasant things behind
if you want me to go my own way
without your attention I’d fade away
it’s already happened during the past few days
I feel tortured in unimaginable ways
but this is not an attempt for redemption
just wish I had a drop of your attention
I don’t care what the world tells me
I don’t care what the people see
don’t judge a person by some social site
judge me if u must by the cause I fight
yes I said I just want to be a friend
and yes I blew it cz for me it didn’t seem the end
that was my mistake I never saw
you lead your own life out of my law
people make mistakes and I’ve made one too many
but if a drop of care in your heart you have any
I have plans to go away
So that your eyes don’t see me everyday
But before I go I’m on my knees pleading to you
Please reconsider the act of silence , please do

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