be my friend...

Over the course of these years
I’ve made barriers out of tears
they keep thoughts from escaping
and keeps me from feeling

made strong by binds of determination
but the smallest ounce of affection
melts them like molten glass
and I drift into dream worlds alas

this is however to let you know
I do not seek anything more
other than your living presence
cz it’s what feeds my life essence

You being close will not elevate hope
not a feeling shall secretly grope
I’m headstrong and know the confine
of this friendship I’d rather not define

Today was a special day 
with you I wanted to stay
to be consumed in the moments
a few hours to forget the torments

you turned it down without remorse
I see now why thorns infest even the rose
but it’s ok, I wouldn’t expect you to care
as I’ve endured even this I’ll bear

I know this poem is all about ME,
but it’s not about selfishness you’d agree
you being mine is not what I foresee
a friend is what I always try to be

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