For all the heartbroken souls, for all the beings who cherish life and its little things....
For everyone who has fallen in love - truly, and deeply...

A poem for the heartbroken to rejoice in the pain and to know that there are many alike in this little blue planet...
A poem for the ones that find the tiniest things in life to be the greatest happiness ever...

This is my gift to you all - Poemheart

Thursday, June 21, 2012


Yea I’ll stare out into the black
out into the stars through a small crack
a crack in the roof above my head
stare till loneliness drains out and I’m dead

where am I heading now…
wasted opportunities and lost love
missed chances to move on
seen as one pathetic moron

I go back to one day in time
when my heart committed the crime
it’s hard enough knowing you’ve lost
whilst feeling alone stuck in love’s frost

that one mistake one false move
changed my heart's entire groove
through the years it's become my butter and bread
like being alive whilst being dead 

Smiling at me brings self-pity
in the end all this is real witty
cz I’ve managed to fool myself
into feeling loved by oneself…

engulfed in flames of my burning vision
frustration fuels it like nuclear fission
though you can't hear I'm shouting out
hope the wind carries it out and about

Thing is, in the end it always feels shitty
perhaps a song to rid the feeling so gritty
I’d probably feel more cared with a mug of toddy
rather than being nothing to nobody…

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