For all the heartbroken souls, for all the beings who cherish life and its little things....
For everyone who has fallen in love - truly, and deeply...

A poem for the heartbroken to rejoice in the pain and to know that there are many alike in this little blue planet...
A poem for the ones that find the tiniest things in life to be the greatest happiness ever...

This is my gift to you all - Poemheart

Friday, November 16, 2012

I love you

I love you for who you are
for loving me without thinking afar
I love you for what u mean to me
not what on the outside I see
I love you for what you made out of me
cz without you it’s what I’d never be
I love you for being there
when alone I could not bear
I love you for the smiles
when I shed tears through the miles
I love you for your sweet heart
which inspired mine to start
I love you for putting up with me
when it’s been hard to agree
I love you for who you are
not for this everlasting scar…..

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Empty room

There was a window and a door
I was looking out of the window
you came through the door
into my empty room
filled only with cobwebs and a broom

You brought a lamp with you
into my room dark and blue
I saw you through your light
my eyes had never gazed upon such sight
gleaming and gorgeous ever so bright
everything just felt so right

I was quick to kindle the lamp
failed to see it was just boot camp
which you’d fold up and leave
leaving me darkness and grieve
the light that filled the space is no more
this room is empty with window and door

The promises we made
into time will fade
but the memories will last
till out of this life I am cast

I stare out of the window again
you’re in a castle of someone else’s domain
the tears drop on the window sill 
chilly wind, feelingless I feel no chill

You castle with strong walls and beams
will be far away from my agonizing screams
but to find comfort over a warm fire
my door is still open if you desire

Saturday, September 8, 2012


just something i'd like to share
this is not in pain or despair
I’m speaking for my behavior
don't ever feel guilty for my love failure...
cz you are not the reason i failed....
you are the reason i tried...
tried too hard, for too long,
that you've been etched so strong
my failure was my own doing....
my own selfishness and stupidity...
I never hold you to it...
You’re not to be blamed even a bit
I’ve realized how much hurt I’ve created
i know my apologies are worthless and belated
call me pathetic call me lame
these lines i write not to dishonor your name
nor is this an attempt to cry or call
to gain attention from a living soul
it’s just that writing words calms my mind
and helps me put  unpleasant things behind
if you want me to go my own way
without your attention I’d fade away
it’s already happened during the past few days
I feel tortured in unimaginable ways
but this is not an attempt for redemption
just wish I had a drop of your attention
I don’t care what the world tells me
I don’t care what the people see
don’t judge a person by some social site
judge me if u must by the cause I fight
yes I said I just want to be a friend
and yes I blew it cz for me it didn’t seem the end
that was my mistake I never saw
you lead your own life out of my law
people make mistakes and I’ve made one too many
but if a drop of care in your heart you have any
I have plans to go away
So that your eyes don’t see me everyday
But before I go I’m on my knees pleading to you
Please reconsider the act of silence , please do

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Monday, August 6, 2012

Our friendship

This I write while having a thought
during a time when we have fought
in a moment of time my mind is caught
to figure why this peril has been brought

People come, people go
but you never really have enough and more
though the bonds you grow
will have their own high and the low

Guess this is one of those highs
where the limits are beyond the skies
its value cannot have a price,
for friendship is not a game of dice

Sometimes I get high on careless dreams
that’s when you hear these selfish screams
making this bond of a concrete beam
tender and soft like whipped cream

Forgive me I ask you again
knowing I might have caused you pain
let me correct myself and try to be sane
keep away and from pleasantries I’ll refrain

The space you need is all yours
the life you want is set on its course
just like how ink follows paper from its source
i’ll stand by your life like codes of morse

Thursday, June 21, 2012


Yea I’ll stare out into the black
out into the stars through a small crack
a crack in the roof above my head
stare till loneliness drains out and I’m dead

where am I heading now…
wasted opportunities and lost love
missed chances to move on
seen as one pathetic moron

I go back to one day in time
when my heart committed the crime
it’s hard enough knowing you’ve lost
whilst feeling alone stuck in love’s frost

that one mistake one false move
changed my heart's entire groove
through the years it's become my butter and bread
like being alive whilst being dead 

Smiling at me brings self-pity
in the end all this is real witty
cz I’ve managed to fool myself
into feeling loved by oneself…

engulfed in flames of my burning vision
frustration fuels it like nuclear fission
though you can't hear I'm shouting out
hope the wind carries it out and about

Thing is, in the end it always feels shitty
perhaps a song to rid the feeling so gritty
I’d probably feel more cared with a mug of toddy
rather than being nothing to nobody…

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Saturday, June 16, 2012

be my friend...

Over the course of these years
I’ve made barriers out of tears
they keep thoughts from escaping
and keeps me from feeling

made strong by binds of determination
but the smallest ounce of affection
melts them like molten glass
and I drift into dream worlds alas

this is however to let you know
I do not seek anything more
other than your living presence
cz it’s what feeds my life essence

You being close will not elevate hope
not a feeling shall secretly grope
I’m headstrong and know the confine
of this friendship I’d rather not define

Today was a special day 
with you I wanted to stay
to be consumed in the moments
a few hours to forget the torments

you turned it down without remorse
I see now why thorns infest even the rose
but it’s ok, I wouldn’t expect you to care
as I’ve endured even this I’ll bear

I know this poem is all about ME,
but it’s not about selfishness you’d agree
you being mine is not what I foresee
a friend is what I always try to be

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Sunday, June 10, 2012

I know....

I know
You keep burning out all the ties
while every second the time flies
I know
you’ve cut me out from getting to you
but it will never stop this pursue
I know
there’s no happy ever after waiting for me
only mirages of you everywhere I see
I know
there’s no gold at the end of the rainbow
but for you, there is no place I’d not go
I know
it’s too late for even to cry
but it’s never too late to try
I know
I’m still stuck here frozen in the time
in our moment of love when we seemed so fine
I know
you’ve turned out the last light
but I’m still fighting my own fight
I know
you don’t see a future of you and me
but it’s the past you failed to see
I know
I gave you my love yesterday
and you’ve just thrown it away
I know
if fairy tales were so true somehow
I’d be holding you in my arms right now

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Monday, June 4, 2012

Burning splinters...

Lit by the fire beside the sofa
the splinters dancing in the horizon afar
they glitter once and disappear
just like how you left me for a tear

They dance eerily as to mock me
but the pain inside they’ll never see
I thank them for warming the air
cz I’ve lost your warmth in time’s stare

It’s all empty between my arms
that will never be filled by anyone else’s charms
the warm air circles the  space
the only comfort to fill this lonely embrace

Sometimes if wishes come true
rather than waiting here for you
I’d want to burn in this fire that’s kindled
and my ashes scattered in a strong east wind


Thursday, May 31, 2012

Forgive me...

Please forgive me... for the day we became friends
Cz I never knew how this ends
Please forgive me... for the minutes we got closer
In the end I emerged the loser
Please forgive me.. for holding your hand
Wished I’d chance to hold it at a ball so grand
Please forgive me... for spending the whole day with you
Cz it was the only thing my heart wanted to do
Please forgive me... for the long drive
The longer I stayed with you the longer I felt alive
Please forgive me... for all the sms i sent you
I know I’ve disturbed you so much I had no clue
Please forgive me... for hearing your voice on the phone
Just my ways of trying to feel not so alone
Please forgive me... for making promises for the next life
At least then I thought I could call you my wife
Please forgive me... for calling you my oxygen
Cz without you I will have no ignition
Please forgive me... for kissing you infinitely
The first was a moment of enlightenment definitely
Please forgive me... for hugging you tightly
I wished I never had to let go so quickly
Please forgive me... for messing up your hair
Running my fingers through them and feeling the air
Please forgive me... for loving you so much
there ain’t no one else in the world as such……

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Sunday, May 6, 2012


Weakened with failure and despair;
eyes blinded with my own hair,
covered in the muck of rejection;
should’ve seen this in the inception.

Cold to the bone are the thoughts that remain,
bruised and battered never to regain,
in a bottomless chasm ever so deep,
where no one can hear my lonely weep.

As the sands of time cover up the trail,
to this slow death there seems no avail,
and it is the most painful of all,
to die from within but live out tall.

A minute you spent on my behalf,
seems an eternity when with you I laugh;
but I cannot hope when I expect nothing,
and I’ve released myself to give everything.

With the last bit of will here I stand,
like a withered leaf on the desert sand,
being blown away by your sweet breath,
comforts me even at the gates of death.

Sunday, March 18, 2012


My bright white gleaming moon
in the midnight blue sky like a balloon
your rays of lunar light
pierce my skin with subtle might
thinking of you basking in rays
radiating from your perfect face
tried to discover a thousand lost pieces
of my shattered soul and the hurt it releases
this distance is something I’ve coped
though gone are the things I hoped
pleading you with all my heart
I have no intentions of a start
let me got to my end, let me care
let me show you how my love I share
your path is clear and straight ahead
I stand not a wall nor walk on your tread
your eyes free to roam beyond the far stretch
but look into mine and you’ll see your sketch
No intention to make it complicated
just curious if this affection is underrated
one wish before i lay my head to rest
wish i knew if i had passed your test

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Kissing in the rain...

Let’s put our arms out wide
can you feel the rush inside
the sun signs off for the day
can I carry you out if I may
see the lights flicker one by one
I only need you but none
feel the breeze on your skin
feel my kiss on your chin
the cold air that dances around
signs of a storm that’s inbound
the stars seem to scour into the night
scared of your smile so bright
breeze turns into wind
“let’s fly away”  I grinned
heavens start to cry thus
dripping down and soaking us
I’m holding you in my arms now
while looking in your eyes my love
could stare like this forever
this bond will not sever
the merciless rain has started to pour
but my heart simply yearns for more
coz the cold I do not feel
coz you and I’ve made a seal
complete it with this kiss of hope
a kiss on the lips before our hearts elope
maybe the first or the last
till the end of time so vast

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Monday, February 13, 2012

My dream

A vision, a fantasy of I dream
dream of a time my heart wont scream
scream of pain and hurt
hurt that I sometimes feel like dirt
dirt that has no meaning or reason
reason to live for another season
season nor time, there seems no care
care in a smile nor a single stare
stare in the eyes of an angel’s gaze
gaze beyond love’s eternal craze
craze for longing your sweet touch
touch my heart so I’d want too much
much to my dismay you’ve gone so far
far away into the sky like a star
star in the sky I see at night
night when moonless, I’ll hold you tight….

Saturday, February 11, 2012


I'm lost for long phrases
lost in a dream of mazes
this feeling so weird and strange,
seems endless without change,
i close my eyes try to recollect,
whether a thought could be felt,
instead a picture of you i find,
with something scribbled behind,
'the replacement for your feelings' it said,
so if this is really only in my head,
why is it that tears still flow,
giving my eyes a glossy glow,
everytime you come into mind,
                                   it's a love nor peace i will never find....

Saturday, January 21, 2012

That you're alright...

I want to be blind,
I want to be deaf,
I dont want to come behind;
Guess it won’t hurt,
to know just this,
I won’t speak nor blurt,
Because it’s my only bliss;
On this day so bright,
Just let my heart know,
That you’re alright..