from friends to memories to friends

I lay there quiet, staring out
of the window with some doubt
the first light caressed my skin
the cold air tingled my within
like a great dam being broken apart
memories sprang not from mind but from heart
there were pictures, there was a voice,
strangely we met but it wasnt our choice,
that smile, made me almost cry,
reminded me of you when the days went by,
that voice made music in my ears,
it's void saddened the passing years,
could stare at your eyes and utter none,
they spoke of all our cazy fun,
adorable to me you always were,
thinking of that makes feelings spurr
you always knew to take out the bore
your make me warm right at the core,
i'd secretly look back to catch your glimpse,
on days of your absence it's like eclipse,
15 times i'd secretly glance,
at each and every of your sweet stance
15 minutes seemed too short,
on the 15th glance i usually got caught
suddenly you had gone away,
you left my life to my dismay,
nevertheless i had hope,
though the loss i could not cope,
the search for you never ended,
i guess my heart never surrended,
wished i could kiss your forehead and say,
'congratulations' on your wedding day,
guess time never wanted it that way,
to hell with that, cz here we are,
my crescent moon with the shining star...


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