The lost love

I thank you for that brief time
U made my heart sublime
The time i really lived my life
tryna go back is my strife
Eternal apologies for breaking trust
shattering love's delicate crust
i was young, naive and bold
it only figures when you're old
lessons learnt were etched rough
lessons taught me a lot of stuff
can never runaway from ur heart
if u do, can never restart
learnt the hard way by loosing you
lost the love given by you
all that's left is sympathy
the little caring sincerity
i'm so sorry i say again
i'm sorry to have caused you pain
what i have for you i have for none
you are simply my only one
these are words from deep within
no lies nor dare I utter a sin
through passing years i have changed
will never again stray or be deranged
converting myself into what you desire
asking a second chance from god up higher
If fate wants me to be with you
it will show me what i must do
but blurry and dark  i cannot see
to get you back I hope it shows me
whatever it commands i shall comply
awaiting you for your reply
2nd chances are few and rare
i wish you'd give me one to get there
to prove my worth and bring back
the love you lost that now i lack
I'd fall at your feet and plead
till my knees bruise and bleed
if there exists a fragment of love for me
give me the chance to be what you want me to be
if not I’ll stick around my dearest friend


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