For all the heartbroken souls, for all the beings who cherish life and its little things....
For everyone who has fallen in love - truly, and deeply...

A poem for the heartbroken to rejoice in the pain and to know that there are many alike in this little blue planet...
A poem for the ones that find the tiniest things in life to be the greatest happiness ever...

This is my gift to you all - Poemheart

Friday, October 14, 2011

I still have it in me...

I may sound like metal
but deep down I’m so brittle
Perfect I was never not
at least were you, “on the dot”?
To love truly is to be selfish
but to you it may seem childish
So if you’re not trusting me now
I ask you not why or how
Don’t create reasons to let go
Just tell me so that I can know
My life is yours to tear apart
So is my own beating heart
Is this true love I know not
I’m the one who never forgot
Hope what I gave you would miss
At least the memory of our first kiss
Be honest with your heart’s voice
Though it may not be your final choice
I’m not what you want as your guy
what’s left is to say goodbye
just know that it’s still there in me
before I die I hope you'd see
I put my hurt into words
so they may soar like free birds…

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