For all the heartbroken souls, for all the beings who cherish life and its little things....
For everyone who has fallen in love - truly, and deeply...

A poem for the heartbroken to rejoice in the pain and to know that there are many alike in this little blue planet...
A poem for the ones that find the tiniest things in life to be the greatest happiness ever...

This is my gift to you all - Poemheart

Friday, September 16, 2011

First kiss....

I have filled my heart with hate
no thought or belief in fate
yet, there remains an empty space
unquenched by nobody else's grace
staring at the window open wide
imagining you at my side
how you came in I know not
unthinkable is a sudden stop
the memory to forget I’ve never dared
is the first kiss we ever shared
the most wonderful moment
that killed my heart’s dormant
please bear this weird connection
just my way of showing affection
                                                   will never get into your heart
                                                   but from my mind you’ll never depart

Thursday, September 15, 2011

if i could turn into dust
i'd be sand at your feet blown by gust
if i could turn into air
i'd be the breeze that brush your hair
if  i could turn into light
i'd be the star you'd gaze at night
i'f  could turn into fire
i'd be the warmth that sparks desire
just so that i am never away
from the fragrance of your love baby

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011


the little things hit hard
sharp as a piece of glass shard
the tiniest bit of bitter
dims even the shine of glitter
simple is the answer to "why"
you've stolen the heart of my
tis why it hurt so much
when you say things as such
feels like needles of pain
piercing through my brain
a smirk or a mocking laugh
why you? - my better half
didnt know my feelings were funny
just wanted a day more sunny
i standby your dreams all fine
why would you laugh at mine?