For all the heartbroken souls, for all the beings who cherish life and its little things....
For everyone who has fallen in love - truly, and deeply...

A poem for the heartbroken to rejoice in the pain and to know that there are many alike in this little blue planet...
A poem for the ones that find the tiniest things in life to be the greatest happiness ever...

This is my gift to you all - Poemheart

Saturday, February 12, 2011

i want my friend back...

Behind a vail of smile and cheer,
Lies a soul filld with tear
Every single lonely moment
Is another eternity in torment
Absence makes the heart grow fonder
i miss u night and day why i wonder
Lover and friend lost in the gust
Wanna burry my feelings in dust
For you to love me i've not shown
reason enough in the years gone
I seek no love, no passion just friendship without a condition

My company maybe worthless now
Remember i'm not asking for love
If loving you is the crime
Just be my friend till the end of time...

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