I know you love me...

the way you look at me
the sway in you i see,
every time i'm with you,
shows me the care that grew

your smile makes me smile,
it stuns my soul for a while,
for my sins how your forgive,
for that compassion i only live.

you hold ma hand in trouble,
lets me lean and feel like a bubble,
always being there when it pains
your love flows through my veins,

baby you make me all so fine,
I'm so grateful though you're not mine,
words aren't enough to describe,
but for you i can't stop this scribe.

sweety i know you care
and that's why you stare
even when you seem silent
even when i'm the rude tyrant

thankyou so much cutey
for being the sweet beauty
for putting up with this beast
for being the rising sun in the east.....


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