Time and you are both gone ..

restless in nature and fast
waiting will just make u the last
it will never stay for anyone
its best you hoard all the fun
cz its time for the final run

it has passed me in this life
cannot be gained how hard the strife
the only leftover little bit
is to be with you, I admit

there’s just so little time left
and u have been accused of theft
of stealing my heart, eternally
to get it back I will try slowly

amazing, amazing as you who you are
and though my dreams have gone too far
It is my prayer, my only desire
that your lamp burns like eternal fire
for you to have strength to face
anything flinged at you in this vast space
I pray, though in religion I am crappy
for your whole life to be  joyous and happy

I love you, I love you a million times
I’m hearing the melancholy church bell chimes
and how the enchanting choir girls sing
I’ll be there to wave goodbye at your wedding…


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