I love your stone heart....

A heart so tender but covered in stone....
I knw i cant touch nor could i melt
I'm left with the love and the moan
just another tear under my belt

are changes to be accepted?
but never did i see it in your eye
i never knew nor anticipated
it's time to adapt as the days go by

It seems clear that people change
it maybe our fates that intervene
but its my head i can't arrange
I see now why the break aint clean

I maybe weak in making my mind
and too maudlin to accept the fact
its hard to leave the past behind
i wish u would understand and act

be it physical or a mental link
its ur image that flashes around
whenever my eyes close or blink
tell me why am I so bound??

i cant explain what i have for you
guess they weren't enough to move on
what you've done and what you do
i ask no reason cz i've all forgotten

never had the chance to provide you
a peice of the world a single day
only felt what you gave and do
guess u didnt like me and my way

still cant comprehend you changed
still impossible to belive
thinking makes me dazed and derranged
why the different i cannot perceive

keeping away will help you
stop what's buzzing in my head
help me forget and to do
the things u want before I'm dead

everytime i write you a line
there's a rampage inside me
in your eyes i act totally fine
but the hurting inside disagree

I'm a dreamer with no border
i loved you truely with my soul
knowing that you were much older
i kept my end strong while you fall

i will be quiet as i can be
and not disturb your world again
but pls..its me being just me
if i ever do, its not me but the pain

the attachment is so strong
i cant seem to break away
but your love is dead and gone
leaving me in complete dismay

I knw not how i can cope
but i knw i would never forget
though my middle name means hope
i knw what left for me is regret

I pray your path be smooth and steady
will always be there in ur need
to face your life you need be ready
i'll help and be there at your heed

after all the verses were done
with eye filled with tears i looked
at the past with you filled with fun
and thought abt the way we were hooked.


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